Monday, March 5, 2018



14 Page Workshop


See Individual Layout Photos below the information section

I found myself with extra Basic Fundamentals and extra Pretty In Pink items after our last specials ran!  I realized I hadn't created using the beautiful undertones in the Basics Pack and pretty soon it won't be around!  I combined the Basics Fundamentals Paper Pack, Gimme Some Sugar Coordinating Cardstock, and the Be-YOU-tiful You Picture My Life cards to create a simple set of good, clean, functional pages!  I really loved the hues of browns and grays combined with the bashful pink and pink glitter paper. I had to add a little splash of fun with the scooter, kites and extras. I sure wish the photos could capture how pretty the bashful glitter paper looks!  There is a little bit of everything in here--spring and summer fun, adventure, girl, multipurpose love, fun and travel!  

Purchase your supplies from my shop site (Minimum of $50 order) and receive all of the special cricut cuts free.

Z3353 Basic Fundamentals Paper Pack (Includes 24 sheets of pattern paper)$19.95
X7228D Gimme Some Sugar Coordinating Cardstock (includes 3 sheets each of Linen, Tangerine, Juniper, and Bashful Cardstock) $9.95
Z4149 Picture My Life Cards-Be-YOU-tiful YOU $5.95
Z3360 Bashful Glittler Paper $6.96/3 sheets
1385 White Daisy Card Stock $9.50/24 sheets (you will just need 2 sheets (2 1/2 if you are making your own cricut cuts)
All but one  of the background pages for the layouts use the pattern paper from the Basics Paper Pack. 
**I used bashful gems on my layouts before realizing they were out of stock!!  The gold gems or the gold glitter gems would look equally as beautiful:
Z3371 Gold glitter gems $4.95  or  Z3312 Gold Pearls $3.95

PRE-ORDER GUIDE  I was not sure if there would be a need for a consultant guide for this workshop or not as maybe many have used their basics but I have to create a guide for my customers anyway so I decided to go ahead and offer it to consultants.  Perhaps many of you have extra basics and pink now too just as I do!
The guide will be $10 and it will be a couple of weeks (giving myself some time). You may pre-order it here and when the order comes through I will send you an advertisement collage so you can go ahead and advertise with customers just so they can get their orders in if you aren't making their kits from your supplies.
My guides include:  Design Space Link (You will need to own the CTMH cartridges used for them to cut), an instruction guide, a cut guide, a consultant release to use my workshop for your business or personal use, and the picture collage mentioned above.


LAYOUT 1: Today

LAYOUT 2:  It's The Little Things

LAYOUT 3:  Say YES to new Adventures

Layout 4:  You Are So Loved

Layout 5:  Be-YOU-tiful You

Layout 6:  Happy Girl

Layout 7:  1 of a Kind

Thursday, March 1, 2018



Consultant Guide Now Available!

National Scrapbooking Month

See individual layouts below descriptions
For NATIONAL SCRAPBOOKING MONTH in MAY, Close To My Heart has put together an amazing line to celebrate! These papers will be available starting May 1st and I am beyond excited!!  There is a gorgeous 6 page CUT ABOVE kit that is absolutely easy and beautiful!  I put together this 10 Page workshop to add to the CUT ABOVE so that you would have a full 16 Pages to fill your vacation album!!  I am recommending to my customers that they each get the POSTCARD PERFECT BUNDLE as it is the best all around deal! With the BUNDLE-you will get the cut above layout kit (creates 6 pages), the paper pack, the coordinating cardstock (which are exclusive-slightly different papers than what we have available--super special), and the stamp set and with these things you will create my 10 page workshop to complete the full 16 page set!!  The supplies needed are listed below! Check out the fun and beautiful pages...I could use some beach time right about now!!

This line does not go "live" for customers until May when we celebrate National Scrapbooking Month.  However, I "believe" I am able to do some pre-ordering early when limits are lifted (April 15th) and am double checking on the rules for this and if so--you will want to message me and get your name down to be "kitted up"!  I think this line is going to go as fast as lightening!  As always, customers who place a minimum order ($50) on my shop site will receive their special cricut cuts from me for free as well as my custom instruction guide.  

I recommend that my customers replace the first 3 items in the list (G1143, CC5183, and CC5184) with the CC5185 Postcard Perfect Bundle $67.80 as this bundle includes the first 3 items in the supply list (Paper Pack, Coordinating Cardstock and Stamp set) PLUS the CC5182 Cut Above Layout Kit that is a $24.95 value.

I designed this 10 Page workshop to go along with the 3-two-page layouts you get in the Cut Above Kit as part of your bundle to create 16-pages total!  It is such a better deal to simply purchase your bundle!!

G1143:  Postcard Perfect Paper Pack $14.95 
CC5183 Postcard Perfect Coordinating Cardstock $9.95 (includes 2 yellow, 2 sunset orange, 2 mint, 2 peacock blue, 2 bashful, 2 white daisy) 
CC5184 Postcard Perfect Stamp set $17.95 
Z3365 Gold Foil Paper $6.95 
Z3323 White Burlap Ribbon $4.95 
1385 White Daisy Cardstock (For background pages and extras) $9.50/24 (need 10 extra + for stamping) 
Z2809, Z2849, Z2852, Z2841, Z2808, Z2865, Z2805Tangerine, Peacock, Poppy, Glacier, Lemon, and juniper Ink $7.95/ea. 
Various blocks for stamping, foam tape, pop dots **The buffalo plaid embossing folder was used on Layout 3.  This item is no longer available and so I recommend that customers either use their consultant’s folder or sub out another embossing folder.  There are many wonderful styles still available that would look beautiful here. . 

ORDER GUIDE HERE FOR $10   When you purchase the guide, you will receive:  full instruction guide, full cut guide, Design Space Link with all the cricut images used including my custom made images, a consultant release that allows you to use the workshop in your business and for personal use, and a picture collage you may insert your own name into for advertising purposes.

CONSULTANT Supplies needed:
All supplies listed in Customer section plus: 
Z1375 Kraft Cardstock (for Cricut Cuts) 
Design Space with: CTMH Flower Market CTMH Artistry CTMH You Are Here Basic shapes 
**The ships wheel and the porthole are custom designs I created using CTMH images and basic shapes.  







If you purchased the BUNDLE as I recommended you will also be able to create these 3 additional two-page layouts to complete your album

Saturday, February 24, 2018



Surprise Special! 10 Page Workshop

(Consultant guide available)

See individual layouts after details section!
Hurry! Hurry! Step Right Up!  CTMH put out a surprise this week that I wasn't expecting!  A "Step Right Up" bundle.  I was caught off guard by this mid-month special but what a pleasant surprise!  I had no idea what I was going to do with this special bundle. Why is it special?  It combines an exclusive stamp set with bright card stock, gold foil paper, and red shimmer trim.  There is no pattern paper that accompanies this bundle and so it leaves the door wide open for all kinds of creative avenues!  I chose to pair the bundle with the adorable and bright "Summertime" PML cards.  I have had my eye on those cute little cards for quite some time and was waiting for just the right combination to come along and here it is! Uniting the pair, created 10 pages of bright and fun versatile themed pages that can be used for summer, theme parks, movies, plays, camping--anything goes!  I am especially proud of my custom made movie clapperboard and film reels!  So "Step Right Up" and get the details now as this set will only be availabe throught MARCH 31st and is on sale now!!

Purchase your supplies from my shopsite (Minimum of $50 order) and receive the full instruction guide, cutguide, and all of the specialty cricut cuts needed to complete this workshop.  Even if you aren't going to work on these themes until later, the supplies are only available until March 31st so grab yours up now.

CC2184 Step Right Up Bundle $28.95 (on sale now-regular price $39.79) includes:  D1789 Step Right Up Stamp Set ($17.95 value), 2 sheets each of cranberry, sapphire, black, saffron, white daisy, and gold foil paper, 1 roll of red shimmer trim.
Z4148 Summertime Picture My Life Cards $5.95
1386 Black Cardstock $14.50 per 24 (3 additional sheets needed)
1385 White Cardstock for bases and extra cuts $9.50 per 24 sheets (10 additional sheets for bases needed)
X5975 Cranberry Cardstock $14.50 per 24 (2 additional sheets needed)
Z2851 Z2816, Z2805 Saffron, Black, Cranberry Ink
Various blocks for stamping

Order Guide  Please designate which guide you are purchasing.   The only additional materials you will need other than the customer supplies listed will be Design Space and the CTMH Cricut Cartriges used.  The guide includes a full DS canvas of all the cricut cuts made with only CTMH images or custom made using CTMH images and basic shapes, full instruction and cutguide, consultant release, and a picture collage for advertising in which you can insert your name.

Custom made files in this workshop:  Film reels, Movie Clapboard, popcorn tub, some adjustments and welds were made to the flags.  Only CTMH images were used in the custom files or basic shapes so if you own the cartridge these will all be included in the DS canvas.

Layout 1:  Showtime

Layout 2: Here Comes the Fun!

Layout 3: My Summer
Layout 4: Ticket 2 Ride
Layout 5: Adventure Time

Friday, February 16, 2018



14 Page Workshop 

(Consultant Guide is done!)
See Individual Layouts after post
Hey Y'all! GIMME SOME SUGAR! Oh my stars! I somehow developed a Southern accent while working on this line! I stuck to clean, simple, and traditional scrapbooking with this line because clean and simple is what Country Life is all about! I did sneak in some cute custom Cricut cuts and I hope you like them. Hello Country Sunshine (I could not stop singing that old song!!),Happiness is Homemade, Sweet Little Helper, Sweet as a Peach, Gimme Some Sugar, Bless Your Heart, and one for Mother! I hope there is a little something in there you all like! Remember, life is go right ahead and lick the bowl!! 

Customers:  Purchase your supplies (Minimum $50 order) from my shop site Kelly's Shop Site and receive all of your special Cricut Cuts from me, including all custom made cuts!
G1145 Gimme Some Sugar Workshop Your Way  $29.95
X7228D Gimme Some Sugar Coordinating Cardstock $9.95
Z1375 Kraft Card Stock (13 Sheets needed) $9.50 (24 sheets)

You can order the guide here for $10. ORDER GUIDE.  Please designate in the notes which guide you are purchasing!  The guide includes full color instructions, full cut guide, a Design Space link containing all the Cricut Cuts (including those that I custom made).  The files I custom made were created using CTMH files only.  You must own the CRICUT CARTRIDGES in order for the Design Space File to work. the guide also includes a Consultant release so you may use the workshop for your business purposes and  picture advertisement for the workshop in which you can insert your own name as the presenter.  No additional stamps or materials are needed this time around that are in addition to the customer supplies listed above and the Cricut Cartridges.  


Layout 1:  Fine & Dandy

Layout 2: Sweet Little Helper

Layout 3:  Hello Country Sunshine

Layout 4:  Gimme Some Sugar

Layout 5:  Bless Your Heart

Layout 6:  Sweet as a Peach

Layout 7:  Mother

Friday, February 9, 2018



14 Page Workshop

(Individual layout photos below post)
Introducing my "Making Waves" 14 Page workshop!  A little birthday, a little whimsical, a little magical, a little eclectic and a little traditional!  Something for everyone here! I was surprised when I started this workshop how much I actually LOVE it!  I didn't expect to love it so much but it's so fun, bright and happy!  I love the hues of purples and hues of teal/aqua/green.  I just now completed this workshop-literally-so please be patient with me as I get the exact materials needed and the supply list up.  A consultant guide will be coming and I will have an offer to create cricut cuts for direct customers who purchase their supplies off my shop site with a minimum order.  So again, thanks for your patience!  Information coming soon!

With a minimum purchase of $50 off of my shop site I will send you the guide and cricut cuts for free.  I raised my minimum to $50 for  couple of reasons.  By  making a purchase of $50 you will automatically qualify for the Stamp of the Month for just $5.00.  It is regularly $17.95 and this is an amazing deal I don't want anyone to miss out on.  Secondly, my workshops are very detailed, and I try my hardest to use up the materials and give everyone more "bang for their buck" by giving them a full 14 Page workshop.  Because the workshops are cricut rich and filled with details, the $50 order offsets my work of hours and hours to create the guides and cuts.  I believe it's a steal at $50 and I hope you do too!

G1143:  Making Waves Workshop Your Way Kit  $29.95
X7227D Making Waves was Coordinating Cardstock $9.95 (includes 3 pansy, 3 lagoon, 3 glacier, and 3 bashful)
Z4142 Extra Make Waves Sequins $3.95
D1764 Making Waves Scrapbooking Stamp set $17.95
1385 White Daisy Cardstock (For background pages and extras) $9.50/24 (12 sheets)
Z2804, Z2895, Z2819, Z2806 Pansy, Lagoon, Glacier and Emerald Ink pads (all $7.95 each)
Various blocks for stamping
Twine from your stash!  I used Glacier Thick Twine out of my stash!  The twine is used in a small amount on two layouts.

A consultant guide is coming soon.  It will be available on or before March 1st.  I anticipate that it will be much sooner than this but I wanted to give myself and the proofreaders time to get it done so thank you for your patience!  You may pre-order the guide here if you like!  ORDER CUT GUIDE.  
What's included in the guide:
A full color instruction and cut guide, a display picture in which you can insert your own name to present the workshop to customers, a consultant release allowing you to use the workshop for your personal and business needs and a Design Space Link to all of the cut files used including my custom created files. You must own the CTMH cartridges used for the Design Space Link to work. 

The only additional supplies you need that are not listed on the customer supply list (specifics on extra cardstock coming soon) are your CTMH cartridges:
You Are Here

For those that do not use Design Space:
In the past I have always included a list of cartridges, page numbers, and description of the files used but I have been creating many custom files within my workshops (ships wheel, titles, etc) that manual users cannot re-create that I am unsure who, if anyone still needs the page numbers and manual cartridge info.  I am not including this in the workshop file this time.  Please feel free to email me if you would like this information and I will do my best to help you but my suspicion is that most people have upgraded to Design Space.  If you haven't....YOU SHOULD!









Sunday, February 4, 2018



14 Page Workshop

Consultant guide is completed!
See consultant section


INTRODUCING my STARGAZER 14 Page Workshop!  It was so refreshing to work with these primary and bright colors!  I am so pleased at the end result and envision adventure, child's play, family, birthday, travel, and more.  I have lots of everyday photos to use up as well--lots of lego and magnatile building and both indoor and outdoor adventures.  Stargazer Titles:  Hello Wonderful World! No matter how you get there ...enjoy the ride!  Awesome!  Dream BIG! One of a Kind-Happy Birthday!  Smile!  Play.Sleep.Repeat.  Happy Scrapping and remember to "Enjoy The Ride" because you are "One of a Kind!"

As always place a qualifying order on my shop site and receive the extra cricut cuts free from me.  A qualifying order for Stargazer is a minimum of $40 (see supply list). The reason $40 is my minimum is that is what it costs for the Workshop Your Way and the coordinating cardstock which is the minimum supplies you need to create the workshop.  I try very hard to keep things cost effective and create as many pages as possible with the supplies you purchase.  I encourage all to go ahead and find something you like or get an optional add on to make your order $50 so you can get our Stamp of The Month for only $5.00!  This is a huge savings as the stamps are normally $17.95 and the February Stamp of The Month is Sunny Days and is a great set!  Head to my shop site to get your order in now and your cuts will be on the way!  Kelly's Shop Site and remember to "DREAM BIG!"

G1147: Stargazer Workshop Your Way $29.95
X7229D:  Stargazer Coordinating Cardstock $9.95
1385: White Daisy Cardstock $9.50/24 sheets (12 additional sheets needed for background pages)
1386: Black Cardstock $14.50/24 sheets (2 sheets needed)
D1733 Splash of Color Stamp Set $17.95
Z2843 Canary Ink $7.95
Z2892 Pacifica Ink $7.95
Z2832 Pewter Ink $7.95
Z7252 Poppy Ink $7.95
B1572 Banner Love $9.95 (used on Layout 4 only-One of a Kind-Happy Birthday)
Z3386 Block Alphabet Thin Cuts $65.95 
Z4159 Block Number Thin Cuts$29.95
**If you purchased your supplies from me I will be making your letters and numbers for you.  However, these two sets are an incredibly smart investment.  I use them very often for supplementing titles and added details when the complements in a set are limited to  4 titles.  It seems the struggle is always finding ways to come up with specific words, phrases and dates you want and how to do that. These two sets will get you there every time!!  So worth it and you will use them over and over and over again.  It isn't often I go out of my way to encourage a specific purchase but you will not regret these 2 sets!

A consultant guide is ready !  You may order your guide here for $10 STARGAZER CUT GUIDE.  The e-file includes a Design Space File Link, a color instruction guide, cut guide, and a consultant release. I have included a picture collage in which you can insert your name as well to advertise for your class.  It says:  Stargazer 14 Page Workshop Presented by:  (you fill in your name) and below in smaller letters it says :  Designed by Kelly Baxter-Fitzgerald.  I have made this to make it easier for you to advertise for your classes if you have not had a chance to complete the workshop for yourself.  For non-DS users I also include a list of Cartridges, Page numbers, and sizes as best I can for each cut. For the Design Space file to work you will need to own the cartridges of the images used:
CTMH Artbooking
CTMH Flower Market
CTMH You Are Here
Basic shapes
Supplies needed are all listed under the Supplies Needed in the Customer Section of this post except a blue fine tip Cricut Pen was used to create the "I love you 10x Infinity and beyond" piece on Layout 1.



Saturday, January 6, 2018



  14 Page Workshop


So very excited to introduce my take on Chelsea Gardens!  A little bit of adventure, a little bit of family and roots, and a little bit of springtime fun! I had to custom make the tandem bike and the birdhouse and am so excited with the result!    I am in love with colors and all the little extras from the added silver foil paper, to the woven ribbon, to the adorable complements and cricut cuts!  This workshop creates 14 pages with 7-two page layouts. 

Supplies Needed:
Chelsea Gardens Workshop Your Way G1149 $29.95
Chelsea Gardens Coordinating Cardstock X7230D $9.95 (contains 3 each of Charcoal, Glacier, Mink, Sweet Leaf)
White Daisy Cardstock (12 for bases) (1385)
Extra Black Cardstock (3 sheets) (1386)
Silver Foil Paper (1 Sheet if you are conservative with your cuts-otherwise 2) Z3366 $6.95 (for 3 pack)
Bitty Sparkles (Optional for flowers on Layout 1 (off we go) bicycle basket flowers Z1263
Inks used:  sweet leaf (Z2853), glacier(X5978) and juniper(X5979)

CONSULTANTS:   CHELSEA GARDENS CONSULTANT GUIDE  Cut guide available for $10.  As always, the guide includes the DS link, a list of manual cricut files and full cut guide and instructions.  There were 3 custom created files (created by welding and slicing CTMH files) which include the tandem bicycle, the birdhouse, and the title background for "This is our story". This means that if you are a MANUAL cricut user-you will not be able to make the 3 custom files.  I am happy to cut them for you at cost and cost of shipping depending on your numbers!  Just contact me! ALL files are CTMH cartridge files and ALL files that were custom created used ONLY CTMH files to create.  

Splash of color stamp set (Layout 1 (Off we go) Layout 2 (Our nest is blessed) D1733 $17.95
Scallop border thin cut (Layout 2 (Our nest is blessed) leftovers on Layout 3 (Dance in the rain) Z3348 $9.95
Inks used:  sweet leaf (Z2853), glacier(X5978) and juniper(X5979)
CTMH Design Space and/or the following Cricut Cartridges:  Flower Market, Artbooking, You Are Here.
Black Cricut Pen on Layout 5:  Flower Pot saying

PHOTO options
Layout 1:  2 ¾ circle (2), 3 ¼ circle (1), 5 x 7, 4 x 4, 3 x 5, 3 ½ x 3 ½ (2) trimmed around shapes
Layout 2:  5 x 7, 4 x 4, 4 x 6, 4 x 4 (2)
Layout 3:  3 ¾ x 6 (2), 3 x 4 (4)
Layout 4:  3 ½ x 3 ½ (3) trimmed, 3 x 4, 3 x 3, 4 x 4
Layout 5:  4 x 6, 3 x 3 (3), 6 x 8 (can break into 2-6 x 4)
Layout 6:  5 ¾ x 3 ¾ (2), 2 ¾ x 2 ¾ (4)
Layout 7:  2 ¾ x 3 ¾ (3), 3 ¾ x 5 ¾ (2)
Layout 1:  OFF WE GO!
 Layout 2:  Our Nest Is Blessed
 Layout 3:  Dance in the rain
 Layout 4:  Love Grows Here
 Layout 5:  Family Portrait
 Layout 6:  This is our story
 Layout 7:  Today



BASICALLY, FUNDAMENTALLY, BE-YOU-TIFUL 14 Page Workshop (CONSULTANT GUIDE AVAILABLE SOON) See Individual Layout Photos below the in...