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(Consultant guide(s) coming soon! See very end of post)



 I  am super excited to share with you my HELLO PUMPKIN options! I loved creating with this line in both traditional and non-traditional ways! I created 2 separate workshops and they are both 14 pages each.  Though they have base similarities, they are DIFFERENT workshops. Each has it's own Design Space file and each has it's own Instruction and Cutguide.  Option 1 workshop contain fun and "spooky" Halloween themed layouts including my own custom images Spooky, Witches Cauldron, Scarecrow, Witches legs, FaBOOlous title and more (created with basic shapes and CTMH Cricut Cartridge images).  I added in a few Fancy Tags from our Fancy Tags Thin Cuts and a Shaker Window (Shaker Window Thin Cuts) on each workshop as well!  Option 2 workshop contains everyday  life themes including birthday, crazy fun, smile, and all occasion themed pages.  This workshop also contains custom created images including the scarecrow, Cricut Pen Title, Altered Shaker Window Title, and Custom made letters with cute little shapes embedded in them.  Option 1 Titles include:  Hey There Pumpkin, SpOOky, FaBOOlous, BOO, It's Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus, Trick or Treat, and It's Been a Scary GOOD day!  Option 2 Titles include:  Hey There Pumpkin, Snapshot, Everyday Life, HellO, It's Just a Bunch of Crazy Fun, Party Time, and Live Out Loud.

Let's look at how you can get each of these workshops and a closer look at the Supplies and individual photos!


OPTION 1:  Place a $25 order on my shopsite and receive an e-file that contains the workshop guide, instruction guide and Design Space file.  You receive my guide via email and you create your workshop yourself!  Every $25 order you place gets you the option for an additional guide so $25/1 guide, $50/2 guides, $75/3 guides and so on!  These workshops are SEPARATE so if you want BOTH workshops you would need to place the $50 order to receive them both.  PLACE ORDER HERE
OPTION 2:  Place a $50 order on my shopsite and receive an e-fil that contains the workshop guide, instruction guide, Design Space file  AND also receive all of the CRICUT cuts needed to complete the workshop in the mail from me FREE.  Once your order is placed, I will reach out to you and ask you which version you would like and will cut them and send them.  I do not create the thin cuts (if used) or do the stamping (if used) on my workshops for OPTION 2.
OPTION 3:  Order a PRE-CUT Workshop for $95 and receive the entire workshop of your choice pre-cut for you.  ORDER PRE-CUT WORKSHOP FOR $95 HERE  You may also choose to add items onto your PRE-CUT order at a discount:
a) Pre-Cut Workshop Plus Shaker Window Thin Cuts: $115.00 Pre-Cut PLUS Shaker Thin Cuts
b) Pre-Cut Workshop Plus Fancy Tag Thin Cuts:  $135.00 Pre-Cut PLUS Fancy Tag Thin Cuts
c) Pre-Cut Workshop Plus Shaker Window Thin Cuts AND Fancy Tag Thin Cuts:$155.00 Pre-Cut PLUS Shaker Thin Cuts AND Fancy Tag Thin Cuts
**Please designate which option you purchased via a note as I cannot see on my end what your order is without a note!
OPTION 4: Join my team (TEAM SCISSOR SISTERS) as either a Hobbyist or a Potential Business and receive access to any of my past, present, or future guides FREE (as long as you stay active) for both business or personal use! I would love to have you!!  JOIN MY TEAM

LET'S Have a look at the workshops (SUPPLY LIST AT THE END!)


Layout 1:  Hey There Pumpkin!

Layout 2:  BOO!
Layout 3:  Trick or Treat
Layout 4:  SpOOky
Layout 5: FaBOOlous
Layout 6: It's Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus
Layout  7:  It's Been a Scary GOOD Day


Layout 1:  Hey There Pumpkin!
 Layout 2:  HellO
 Layout 3:  Party Time

 Layout 4: SnapshOt
 Layout 5: Everyday Life
 Layout 6:  It's Just a Bunch of Crazy Fun!
 Layout 7: Live Out Loud

I hope you love em'!

**Because the guide is not yet complete (will be completed within 2 weeks) I am listing the supplies but EXACT amounts will be updated as the guide is complete!
G1160 Hello Pumpkin Workshop Your Way $31.95
X7236D Hello Pumpkin Coordinating Cardstock $11.95
X6028 Extra Black Cardstock $9.95/pkg of 12
X6027 Extra White Cardstock $5.95/pkg of 12
Z3314 Black and White Dots $4.50
Tiny Piece of Ribbon (For the Witches Hat)
**Scraps of bits of Cardstock that are NOT in the Coordinating pack IF you are creating the special cuts for Layout 1 in both workshops:
 X6002 Espresso-Scarecrow body 
 X6025 Toffee-Scarecrow face, haybales, wheat
Twine of your choice for haybales
Z4310 Acetate Window/Foam/Pkg of 6, need  (1) each workshop

Shin Han Markers-Layout 6 in both workshop only to color in title
Z2457 Marigold $6.50
Z2452 Golden Yellow $6.50
Z2466 Vivid Green $6.50
Z2465 Turquoise Blue $6.50
Z4305 Fancy Tag Thin Cuts $45.95
Z4309 Shaker Window Thin Cuts $21.95
1" circle  punch if creating Option 2 (Non-Halloween)
Cricut that handles Design Space Files and CTMH Cricut Cartridges ( must own the cartridges used for the DS space to work) complete list of CTMH Cartridges used coming soon.  Basic Cricut Access shapes were also used for welding.
General Supplies: Foam Tape, Foam Dots, Paper Trimmer, Adhesives, Scissors, Bonding Memories Glue Pen etc.

Pre-Order Guide 1 OR Guide 2:   $10.00 EACH and designate Halloween or Non-Halloween. Pre-Order 1 Hello Pumpkin Guide
Pre-Order BOTH Guides as a DUO  $15.00 Pre-Order BOTH Guides as a SET

 My guides are $10 and they include the cutguide, instruction guide, Design Space file, Picture Collage for advertising that you can insert your name into, Consultant release to use for business or personal. I will have BOTH guides available but it will be at least 2 weeks. My goal is always to get guides out as soon as possible every time I complete a workshop.  Please be patient and know I work a full time job plus have a busy CTMH business so please know that in order to offer guides to other Consultants it does take me time!   Each  guide is different with a different DESIGN Space and slight variations in paper sizes and paper choices even though they use "essentially" the same materials.  You will need to purchase each guide as a separate purchase but if any of you want BOTH guides, I am offering the duo at $16 for both vs. $20  so you would get both DS files and both sets of instructions/cut guides.    Please designate in your PAYPAL notes Option 1 (Halloween), Option 2 (Non-Halloween), or BOTH.   

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(Consultant Guide is COMPLETE!)

I am so excited to have finally finished this soft, sweet and loving, Boutique 14 Page Workshop! A beautiful combination of Boutique meets Season Mix Ins! I loved the pairing of the two as well as the additions of the Fancy Tags and Decorative Borders. I was even able to sneak in a flip flap layout to stretch photo opportunities!   Hello Beautiful, One of a Kind, XOXO, Sweet Moments, Sassy, Love, Just Be! I hope you love the variety as much as I do!  

There are 4 ways to get this workshop: 1) Place a minimum order of $25 on my shopsite and receive the instructions and cutguide via email so you can purchase your supplies and create the workshop yourself. 2) Place a minimum order of $50 on my shopsite and receive the instruction guide and cutguide via email and I create your special Cricut Cuts and send them to you for free. 3) Purchase a Pre-Cut Workshop for $95 and receive all of the pre-cut pieces, supplies and instructions needed to create the workshop PURCHASE PRE-CUT KIT4) Join my team and receive all of my past, present, and future workshop guides for free as long as you remain an active consultant.

Let's take a look at the individual layouts!  Supply list will follow!






LAYOUT 6: X's and O's

LAYOUT 7:  JUST BE (5 flip flaps)

LAYOUT 7: Example of flip flaps

Supply list: 
G1159 Boutique Workshop Your Way, Boutique  $29.95
X7235D Coordinating Cardstock $9.95
X9000 Season Mix Ins Pattern Paper Pack
X6028 Black Cardstock $9.95 for 12 sheets (need 7 sheets)
X6027 White Cardstock $5.95 for 12 sheets (need 10 sheets)
X5999 Charcoal Cardstock $9.95 for 12 sheets (need 2 extra sheets) 
Z1263 Bitty Sparkles
Z3274 Clear Sparkles
Z3234 3 x 3 flip flaps per pkg. of 12 (need 5)
Z4241 Decorative Border Thin cuts $41.95 (set of 10 thin cuts)
Z4305 Fancy Tag Thin cuts $45.95 (set of 10 thin cuts)
General supplies such as paper trimmer, adhesives, foam dots/tape etc. if making your own Cricut Cuts, CTMH Cricut Cartridges were used: Artbooking, Flower Market, You Are Here, Cricut Access Basic Shapes: Square

Consultant Guide is complete!  You may order the guide here:  ORDER GUIDE    I have started a GUIDE SUPPORT GROUP called Snips By Kelly Guide Support Group on Facebook where I will do a live video and review the workshop page by page and offer tips and tricks live as well as answer any questions you have.  Feel free to request to join this group if you purchase my guide.

Sunday, September 2, 2018


I have created a facebook group:  Snips By Kelly Guide Group for all Consultants who have purchased my guides.  It is by request only as I do not want to automatically put any one in the group unless they want to be.  It will have tips, tricks, and visuals to help you with the guide/workshop so you can in turn help your customers and it can provide a platform for questions.  This is an experiment based on what I have seen others try!  Simply request if you would like to join and have access to the videos/discussion.

Thank you!!


Sunday, August 12, 2018




Consultant Guide is Complete!

DOCUMENTED Scrapbook Workshop is complete! Documented is our CTMH featured paper line of August and I am cutting it close to the very end of this Idea Book as it has been a whirlwind summer  so if you are loving it and wanting to do it--get your supplies very, very soon!  I will be working on the Instruction Guide this next week. It is 14 Pages and I hope you like how I incorporated the tabbed journaling PML cards. I had my eye on them for a long time! I ended up loving the eggplant rich. It was a challenge on the last layout when down to just tiny scraps but I worked hard to squeak out as much as I could with every last scrap! I love the gorgeous layered flowers from our Cricut cartridges and the "Dandelion Puffs" ended up being pretty cool looking "weeds". When I was a child-if you blew on a dandelion puff and made a wish--it was said to come true! I was likely spreading weeds--but in a child's mind I was spreading wishes-what a great thought!

Let's take a closer look! (Supply List follows the photos)

Layout 1:  STORY


Layout 3:  BELIEVE

Layout 4:  Hello Today


Layout 6:  REMEMBER

Layout 7:  BE YOU

Option 1: Place a Minimum $25 order on my shopsite and receive my instruction guide, cutguide, and Design Space file to create on your own. 
Option 2: Place a Minimum $50 order on my shopsite and receive my instruction guide, cutguide, Design Space file, and all of the special CRICUT CUTS FREE. 
Option 3: Purchase a Pre-Cut Workshop for $95 without Stamp/Stamp Thin Cut, or $110 with Stamp, or $125 with Stamp and Thin Cuts. 
Option 4: Join my team and receive any of my past, present or future workshop guides to use in business or personal for FREE (as long as you remain an active Consultant on my team)

SUPPLIES:  (More detailed photos after the supply list)

G1154 Documented Workshop Your Way $29.95X7234D Documented Coordinating Cardstock $9.95
Z3278 Tabbed PML journal cards $4.95
Kraft Cardstock: Z1375 $9.95/24 (FOR BASES plus cuts you will need 13 sheets per customer)
1385 Extra White Daisy (6 extra sheets per customer)
X5941 Bashful Cardstock (1 extra sheet per customer)OTHER SUPPLIES USED: 
Z1264 Bitty Sparkles $2.95 
Z4172 Documented Cardmaking Stamp and Thin Cuts
Z899 Memento Black Ink, Z1151-Z2060-Z3341 Foam tape and foam Dots
Basic supplies including (but not limited to) Adhesive, Microtip Scissors, Paper trimmer, Mini Stapler, journaling pen
 If creating your own Cricut Cuts, these Cartridges: Artbooking, Artfully Sent, Artistry, Flower Market, Season Of Joy, Cricut Basic Shapes: Square.


CONSULTANTS:  Guide coming soon!  PRE-ORDER GUIDE 
My guides are $10 and buy 3-get the 4th free--they include a cut guide, instruction guide, DS LINK, Picture Collage Advertiser and a Consultant Release that allows you to use for personal and business use.  As always I try to do as quick of a turn around as possible with my guides but the scrap workshop is hot off the table.  I am going into a busy time-expecting a new Grandbaby anytime in the next 2 weeks, end of summer activities and lots of "day job" duties.  PLEASE be patient with me and while knowing I will be working on it every spare minute I can--and it could be as soon as August 25th, it also could be as late as September 7th **UPDATE as of 8/31/18 Cutguide is complete!  This is not normal for me to give such a long range but I am dodging the uncertain!  If this time frame doesn't work for you, please don't purchase a guide as I already put undo pressure on myself to get things out quickly and I don't want happy scrappy to turn into stress! Thanks in Advance!  

I listed the supplies above with the "extra" paper not being exact--meaning Kraft and White--as I won't know exactly until the guide is done but will update the supplies as soon as I get an accurate count.  See updated supply list above for exact amounts.

These are the CRICUT CARTRIDGES I USED and that you NEED TO OWN for the DS LINK to work:  these Cartridges: Artbooking, Artfully Sent, Artistry, Flower Market, Season Of Joy, Cricut Basic Shapes: Square.

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BRING BACK MY PACK: MORE MAGICAL, Disney and Everyday life optioin


DS Link Available For Consultants
See very end of post  
Close to My Heart has just launched a special that lasts ONLY  until AUGUST 31st while supplies last called BRING BACK MY PACK: MORE MAGICAL.  Magical was a favorite pack from the past and they are bringing it back with updated colors and a brand new stamp set that was previously only available to select CONSULTANTS.  I have created 2 separate options with the workshop kit so you can choose between a DISNEY theme and an EVERYDAY LIFE theme!  Both workshops use the same materials and supplies and create 4-two page layouts plus 8 cards (4 each of two styles). So bright and fun no matter which option you choose...AAAAANNNNNND the workshop kit contains 3 BRAND NEW cardstock colors that are not yet available to customers until September 1st:  Candy Apple Red (oooh so bright!), Carolina Blue and Bluebird!  So you will have access to some new colors that aren't even available--how fun is that?


OPTION 2:  Everyday Life

HOW CAN I GET THIS WORKSHOP?  (Individual Photos and Supply list to follow)
Option 1:  Make a $25 purchase off of my shopsite (click here KELLY's SHOPSITE) and receive my exclusive DS LINK for BOTH the Everyday Life workshop cuts and the Disney workshop cuts so you can cut them at home with your Cricut and add them to the already designed workshop the comes with the kit.  You can also download the instructions or I can email them to you.
Option2:  Make a Minimum Order on my Shopsite ($50) and receive the instructions, cut guide and all of the special cricut cuts you need to complete the workshop for FREE.  You can choose the Every Day Workshop cuts or the Disney Workshop Cuts:

Option 3:  Order a Pre-Cut/Pre-Stamped Kit for $65 which includes shipping.  Order here and please leave me a note which kit your are ordering and which option (Disney or Everyday) ORDER PRE-CUT KIT
Option 4:  Join my team to not only receive free and significantly reduced in price products and supplies but receive any and all of my past, present, and future workshop files and DS files for FREE (as long as you remain active on my team).  I would love to have you and visit with you about this. We have the friendliest team you will find!  JOIN ME! Also ask me about any possible REAL REWARDS COUPONS to make your sign up fee significantly reduced or FREE:   JOIN MY TEAM

Let's take a closer look at the layouts and cards. First up: DISNEY VERSION






Next let's take a look at the EVERYDAY LIFE VERSION:






For Customers:
CC8184  Magical Workshop Kit
Z1848 Red Shimmer trim (totally optional) $4.95
Mink and Black Ink
Various Blocks for Stamping
Basic supplies such as cutter, adhesive, foam tape

If making your own cricut cuts or for Consultants:
Cricut Cartridges:  
Cardstock needed for Cricut cuts:
White Daisy: 2 x 3
Black: 3 1/2 x 12
Candy Apple: 4 x 12 
Canary 3 1/2 x 12
Carolina Blue: 4 a 7 1/4
5 x 12 Blue Bird
**if you are cutting with left over customer paper--you may have quite a bit of the paper you need but there is no Canary in the kit. 
Cricut Access Basic Shapes
USA Digital
Flower market
Seasons of Joy
You are Here
White Daisy 2 1/2 x 4
Black  6 1/4 x 12
Candy Apple: 4 x 12
Canary 6 1/2 x 12
Carolina 6 x 9
Blue Bird 7 x 12
Cricut Access Basic Shapes
Artfully Sent
USA Digital
Flower Market
Seasons of Joy
You are Here

For both workshops I simply created the guide available to us in online office that comes with the Workshop Kit.  I added my DS files to each workshop.  I  will not do an instruction guide but I will do a tips and tricks sheet with full color pictures for each version and offer BOTH DS files with that.  You can purchase the 2 DS files with the tips and tricks sheets here for $5:  MORE MAGICAL DS FILES  Please designate in your notes what you are purchasing and also make sure your PAYPAL email is current.  Thanks a million!


HELLO PUMPKIN 14 PAGE WORKSHOP (Consultant guide(s) coming soon! See very end of post) OPTION 1:  TRADITIONAL HALLOWEEN OPTION 2: NON...