Thursday, October 15, 2015


Ashamedly, I tried creating this blog months and months ago and I failed miserably!  I have done so many projects that I would love to share but my lack of technology skills have prevented me from sharing.  I am going to attempt to blog a project and see if it works!  Wish me luck!!!

FALL is my favorite season!  I say that lightheartedly because I am a lover of all seasons!  This was a pinterest inspired project for my fall table.  I coated mason jars with 2 coats of milk paint.  You can find milk paint in a variety of craft stores and dime stores but I found mine at Sweet Pickins! They have a large variety of colors to choose from and I believe mine for this project was simply "Creamy".  I let the first coat dry fully, and repeated for a second coat.  After the second coat was dry, I sanded spots to give it the worn look in the places I liked.  I cut the burlap banner out to the size to fit the jar.  For these jars, it was approximately 3.25 inches wide. I liked the tattered look so I pulled some threads out of each edge to fray it a bit.  I adhered the banner simply with roll on double sided adhesive and had no problems with it sticking. Hot glue or other adhesives would likely work well too.  I cut my letters out on my Silhouette cutting machine but premade letters or hand cut letters would be just as cute.  I adhered my letters with the same adhesive and then proceeded to decorate each burlap banner with stick on pearls, small burlap flowers and whatever you choose.  I tied twine around them and added a pearl as a finishing touch.  I used dried wedding flowers in my jars as my fall flowers were not yet unpacked when I made these but I think fall leaves or flowers would be stunning for these!  All in all a simple but beautiful project!  Have fun!


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